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A one-of-a-kind museum showcasing hundreds of wildlife species from six continents, beautifully displayed in a world-class exhibit hall accessible to young or old.

Our History

Stephen C.. and Judy Slack with an Axis Deer, in Australia.

Meet The Founders

Stephen C. Slack and Judy Slack have hunted together since 1965!  Together, they have hunted 6 continents, and 38 countries. They have collected over 650 specimens of animals, as well as primitive working weapons for hunting, and hundreds of artifacts used in the every day life of many primitive cultures. All are on display for your viewing in Dalton, Minnesota.

Steve’s father, Paul Slack, introduced him to hunting at the age of five. Hunting pheasant, squirrel, rabbit, and duck with his father guaranteed the preservation of their family tradition of hunting. Instilling at a tender age the stewardship in protecting the natural resources and wildlife God has given us. Steve’s mother, Goldie, complimented the commitment by preparing all the game for the family table. Yes… the traditional gatherer (Mom), and hunter (Dad) were still at work in those simpler days. Judy and Steve have continued those traditions by introducing their two daughters, and six grandchildren the stewardship of the conservation of our natural resources.

Steve did not hunt for several years after graduation from The University of Iowa. A Bachelors degree in Marketing Management, minors in Advertising, Insurance, and Museum Techniques. Steve entered the career of retailing. Working a second job to make ends meet as a Taxidermist specializing in birds. His career placed him at Target Stores in Minneapolis some 25 years ago. Minnesota put back into Steve’s life his yearning for the outdoors. Leaving Target gave Steve more control of his future. He started a business with his partner. A successful business, excellent associates, and an understanding wife gave Steve the opportunity to hunt throughout the world. He spent anywhere from one to three months a year for 25 years hunting and gathering!

"The Super Bowl Ring of Hunting"

World Hunting Award - 2
World Hunting Award - 1

In 2004 Steve received the Safari Club International “World Hunting Award”. The award is not unlike the process to become an Eagle Scout. Rigid requirements and goals similar to merit badges must be met. S.C.I. calls these achievements Grand Slams, Inner Circles, Pinnacle of Achievement, and Crowning Achievement. Reaching these goals culminates in receiving “The World Hunting Award”. The award is in the form of a ring known as the Super Bowl Ring of Hunting. As of the 2008 S.C.I. Awards Issue magazine, 51 rings have been awarded in the world. Steve was the 31st member to receive the award. At age 52 he was the second youngest. The year before he received the award an amazing achievement was completed by a fellow hunter at the age of 26. (We do not think it will be beat. . . congratulations Bill Figge!)

The Museum Is Formed

 In 2003, an additional event took place - Steve had a heart attack. Together Judy and Steve decided to dedicate their collection of wildlife, artifacts, and resources in an educational and historical format. Ground breaking began for Preserve the Tradition Museum of Natural History.  They applied for legal status as a 501c3 non-profit educational foundation and were approved. The focus of the museum is the education of youth on the preservation and conservation of our natural resources. Five years later the Museum officially opened to the public.


Our History

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