Preserve the Tradition Museum

A one-of-a-kind museum showcasing hundreds of wildlife species from six continents, beautifully displayed in a world-class exhibit hall accessible to young or old.



Preserve the Tradition Museum displays over 650 species of wildlife, in three primary categories.



1. MAMMALS... are the focus in Mammal Hall.

The collection is displayed around two categories of mammals -- larger species, and fur bearing.
Larger Species include such sub-categories as… 
      A. Antlered Game… (deer, elk, and stag), 
      B. Horned Game… (antelope, sheep, goats, ibex, and buffalo).
Fur Bearing Species include the sub-categories… 
      A. Canine Game…cats, dogs (wolves, fox, coyote) and… 
      B. Trapped Game...(beaver, wolverine, badger, mink, martens, porcupines, raccoon).


Birds On Display

2. BIRDS… are the focus of two venues.

One hall is dedicated to Migratory Waterfowl…ducks, geese, swan, and shorebirds.  The second hall focuses on Upland Game Birds…turkey, pheasant, grouse, and quail. Also included in this hall are those birds salvaged and know as Migratory Birds…owls, hawks, swans. These migratory birds are under MNDNR and USFW Salvage Permit. No endangered species are in the Museum collection.


Reptile Discovery

3. REPTILES... are a limited category.

Our display includes such reptiles as alligator, crocodile, snake, and turtle.  And although its not a reptile,the displays  even include a species of frog.

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