Preserve the Tradition Museum

A one-of-a-kind museum showcasing hundreds of wildlife species from six continents, beautifully displayed in a world-class exhibit hall accessible to young or old.

Find Us

Directions to Preserve the Tradition Museum, located at 10788  285th Avenue, Dalton, MN  56324 - midway between Ashby and Dalton.

If traveling on I-94, Dalton exit is west of the Museum and Ashby exit is east of the Museum.


From Dalton:
Drive southeast on County Road 82 toward 120th Street.    - 2.1 miles

Turn right at 12oth St.    - 0.5 mile
If you reach 295th Avenue you've gone about 0.8 miles too far.

Turn left onto 285th Avenue.    - 1.4 miles

Preserve the Tradition Museum is on the left.


From Ashby:
Drive west on County Road 82 NW - 2.1 miles

Turn slight left onto 100th St./ County Road 56/ County Road 26
- 3.0 miles

Turn right onto 285th Avenue.
- 0.6 mile

Preserve the Tradition Museum is on the right.

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