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Safari Club International World Hunting Award

The SCI World Hunting Award was introduced in 1995. The World Hunting Award is the highest award in the SCI World Hunting Awards program. A Super Bowl-style gold and gemstone ring is presented to each recipient at the SCI Annual Convention in Reno Nevada. Only 87 hunters have achieved and been honored with this award.

Stephen C. Slack, Curator and Founder of Preserve the Tradition Museum of Natural History was the 31st person to be honored with this award in 2004. Ironically, Steve was unable to attend due to a heart attack. Judy, Steve's wife and hunting partner, accepted the award.

SCI Award Ceremony

To achieve the World Hunting Award the recipient must achieve certain stepping stones in the hunting world, not unlike the process the Boy Scouts require for an Eagle Scout Award. The World Hunting Award goals and objectives are known as SCI Grand Slams and Inner Circles requiring the participant to hunt in all six continents, have a minimum of 250 entries in the SCI Record, achieve 11 of the Grand Slams and 17 Inner Circles. In addition, the fourth Pinnacle of Achievement and the Crowning Achievement must be completed. Steve had collected at the time of his entries over 31 species in the Top Ten of the World.

For more information on the Safari Club International go to their website - - and click on the Record Book tab to find more information about the World Hunting Award.

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