Preserve the Tradition Museum

A one-of-a-kind museum showcasing hundreds of wildlife species from six continents, beautifully displayed in a world-class exhibit hall accessible to young or old.

What’s With Our Name?

The founders chose two key adjectives defining the name of the Museum. The choice of words are intended to send a message to our visitor of choice…the Youth of the World. Those two words are Preservation and Tradition.

Preservation expresses our careful accumulation of museum quality wildlife from throughout the world. Each acquisition is displayed in a format for educational and historical reference, respectfully presenting mammals, birds, and reptiles in a study format for educational instruction. We focus our education programs on Youth. We strive to educate individuals and organizations about threats to our goal of conservation through the preservation of our inalienable right to hunt, fish, and bear arms.

Tradition is defined as the handing down of our historical beliefs, customs, and inalienable rights to future generations of children.  Our Tradition goal is to specifically focus on the preservation and conservation of natural resources, the right to bear arms, and to promote safety education as it relates. Tradition includes the laws that give us our right to hunt and fish. We realize there are persons and organizations which do not support our ideals and United States Constitutional rights, but we endeavor to educate those individuals on our point of view. Remember: there have always been Hunters, and Gatherers!  We respect all opinions, and we work to further educate students of wildlife and natural resources. Let us work together!


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