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A one-of-a-kind museum showcasing hundreds of wildlife species from six continents, beautifully displayed in a world-class exhibit hall accessible to young or old.

Notes on The Collection

Most of the animals have been collected or salvaged for the Museum by  Stephen C. Slack, Curator. Several species have been collected by Judy. In addition Angela and Heather, their daughters, and Maddy, Tanner, Finn, and Ben - grandchildren of Judy and Steve - display their mounts in the museum.  The Museum currently displays 400+ mammals, 100+ birds, and several reptiles.  We have also acquired specimens from local trappers and furriers.

The Museum is licensed by the United States Fish & Wildlife Service, and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources with Migratory Salvaged Bird Permits (USFW #MB 121115-0 and DNR #1482).  Each permit is registered specifically to the Museum and must remain on the premises for educational purposes. Salvage permits give the Museum permission to collect specimens which have died through natural causes (i.e. road kill, or natural expiration of life).

Additional specimens will be accepted through donation from other museums, trappers, and hunters. These specimens must be accompanied with the legal licenses for ownership. Donations of artifacts and art relating to wildlife and natural resources will be accepted. Each donation should be accompanied with an appraisal for monetary purposes. Specific acknowledgements will be given to donors upon display.


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Notes on the Collection


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